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Project are the opportunity to show more of my design skills and show the design thinking process.

All the projects having the wireframe, prototype, and rapidly iterate to a solution that works for the end-user and the ability to work with many different people.

ColorPetals Website

ColorPetals is a floral website that gives quality, affordable and exquisite flowers for all occasions. The typical users are the adult who are searching for gifts or self use. Click on the image to see the full slide of case study.


Cafe App

The project target customers like people who want their order quick and easy way to get. Click on the image to see the full slide of case study.


Social Service Design

Nonprofit charitable organization focused on people's mental and physical health. The organization needs a tool that helps people learn about and manage their health. Bloom Service’s primary target users include old age people who need extra help regarding their health or connect with other caregiver families. 

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